Tips on Improving Radio Signal

How To Increase Radio Signal

Getting a crystal clear radio reception can be difficult sometimes. Because the radio towers usually build pretty far apart. Also if are locating in a hill or between buildings can affect the way radio get the signal from the radio tower. So today on this blog I will discuss and share some tips you can follow to get the best reception possible on your portable radio. This guide is essential if you are planning to go camping or expecting to go out of the radio reception range with your portable radio.

All portable radios have some kind of whip or telescopic antenna. Depending on interference you might try extending the antenna. In some cases, you will most likely get better reception when the antenna is not fully extended. Also, try rotating the antenna if it designed to do so.

The most effective way to get the best reception is to use an external antenna. Generally, those can be found in several sizes and depend on the circumstance you might try a different antenna. Some of those can be quite big in size and can cover a broader distance.

Sometimes if you are in a position where you do not have access to any external antenna and need emergency access to radio reception. Then you can try attaching a wire to the radio’s FM antenna of the radio. This might help to get a better reception. Sometimes changing the radio sound from stereo to mono can significantly increase the reception.

All the modern portable radio comes with internal FM antenna. This tends to work better in some cases. Also, it keeps getting better day by day. Unlike old radios where it had to be connected to external aerial. I would say if you are just staying in the city area where normally radio tower cover the most, you would not need any external antenna or big radios. But if you are planning to go for a trip in the countryside. Then there is a chance that the radio signal will not cover you. So you might have to get an external antenna. Or you can make an antenna yourself (DIY guide).

I hope this few simple tips will help you get more reception on your favorite portable radio.

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