Tech gift for teenagers

Tech Gift For Teenagers

There could be hundreds of reasons and festivals when you want to give something unique to a teenager. Kids and teens nowadays are pretty tech-minded and will be happy if the get something that they will enjoy. On AllTopRev, I wanted to write a simple guide for parents or elder person so it helps them to decide what to buy for teenagers. Let’s discuss a few tech gifts we can give it to teenagers.

I would like to keep the gifts reasonable assuming you are not into spending thousands for the gifts.

iPod or a Mp3 Music Player

Kids nowadays into music a lot. Therefore a gadget on that purposes will be ideal. There are a lot of choices when comes to music players. You can start with the cheaper option like different branded Mp3 player or an iPod, which is most popular. It really depends because if that teen already familiar with Apple products then going for Apple iPod will be practical. Otherwise, there are heaps of other gadgets available like a portable radio or a smartphone which perform the same way.
Apple iPod shuffle 2GB: Click Here

Apple iPod Classic 160GB: Click Here

Sandisk 8GB Mp3 Player: Click Here

Kubik Evo 8GB Mp3 Player: Click Here

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Here is another good one, which is one of the most popular tech gifts for teenagers on my list. In recent years the demand of those waterproof Bluetooth speaker increased a lot. Because they will be looking for some sort of entertainment when doing outdoor activities or simple around the house. It is not that complex to learn how a Bluetooth speaker works. Personally, I have a couple of this and use it almost every day. The price of this varies, most of this cost in between $30-$300. But let me suggest a few that I have personally used and liked.

Cambridge Wireless Speaker: Click Here

Doss Wireless Speaker: Click Here

Anker Wireless Speaker: Click Here


I knew you would like to include a good headphone to the list. Yeah, even though people buy those portable speakers, a nice quality headphone is essential for music lovers. But there are a few different types and brands of headphone available in the market. Some of this is wireless or wired. Also, few top of the line expensive models has noise cancellation mode. So I think for a teenager an average quality headphone will be ideal.

Best Wired Headphone: Click Here

Best Wireless Headphone: Click Here


This gadget is basically a product that sits in between a full-size computer and a smartphone. Tablet is capable of doing some tasks, which a smartphone can not do. And for teenagers, this is perfect because they can use it for educational purposes and entertainment. There are some cheap tablets available which I will ask everyone to away from. But do not think that you have to spend big bucks for a quality tablet. I can give you a few choice that I believe are reasonably priced and absolutely worth it.

Cheap but quality made tablet: Click here

Bit pricey but worth it: Click Here

My Favorite Tablet: Click Here

Gaming Console

Well, this might cost you quite high but is the desired gift teenagers want. A video gaming console is mainly a computer/system which plugs into an external monitor and used for gaming purposes only. Though this type console requires purchasing games separately. There are thousand of games to buy or download so leave this to teenagers to decide what games they would like to buy.
There are mainly a few different gaming console you can buy. The most common two is Xbox (Manufactured by Microsoft) and Playstation (Manufactured by Sony). Both of these are very popular have same types of games collection.
So if you are planning to buy a console, then I would recommend going for these two platforms only. Here is the most recent console from these leading manufacturer.

Sony Playstation 4 (PS4): Click Here

Xbox One: Click Here


So here you go, that was my recommendations on what to buy for the teenagers. Now is your turn, you can tell me what you think of these. Also If you want a similar list for other aged people than I would like to do it too. On AllTopRev I always like to explain in detail and friendly manner.

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